Subscription Plans 1 Credit = 1 Download*

You can upload and edit as many images as you like with full live preview, but a subscription is required for removing the watermark and downloading:


15 credits / month

  • $3.99 / month
  • Unused credits roll over
    (up to 75)


500 credits / month

  • $19.99 / month
  • Unused credits roll over
    (up to 2,500)
  • Bulk Clipping

Need even more credits per month? Need API Access?

Simply the best tool for the job.

Clipping Magic removes the background from even unprofessional cellphone images

It's pretty amazing.

"My company, especially our 3 designers, LOVES your Clipping Magic service. We've clipped thousands of photos through it. It's so much faster than Photoshop could ever be. There's really nothing like it on the market."
- James G

Awesome for:


Increase conversion rates with stunning product photos that conform to eBay and Amazon requirements at a fraction of the hassle and the cost.


Quickly make your picture backgrounds transparent and create great marketing material and presentations with punch!

Graphic Design

Tired of creating clipping paths in Photoshop? Be more productive with Clipping Magic!

And More...

Thousands of people all over the globe use Clipping Magic every day for everything from team photos to scrapbooking. Try it out today!

Subscription details

  • You can cancel your subscription any time with just a few clicks on your account page. All subscriptions last up to the end of your billing period, so you can keep using your subscription until the end of said period, even after you cancel. No hoops, catches, or strings attached. We got you.
  • Access is immediate upon subscribing.
  • You can upgrade or renew your current plan at any time. Both a subscription charge and the addition of credits will occur immediately.
  • You can downgrade your plan any time without changing the billing date. Your next bill will reflect the new, smaller credit cap along with the new price plan.
  • There is currently no pay-as-you-go option, however you can schedule a cancellation at the end of the billing period or change your plan any time to better match your usage.
  • *1 Credit = 1 Download. Downloading a result multiple times counts only once, so you can re-edit it until you're satisfied. Duplicate uploads of the same image count separately when downloaded. You can upload and edit as many images as you like without commitment.
  • Subscriptions are automatically billed until cancelled.
  • Subscription fees are not refundable.
  • Subscriptions are personal and cannot be shared.
  • Remaining credits are lost upon cancellation.
  • If you need help accessing your account or have any other inquiries, please contact support and we'll help you out.