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Bulk Clipping Quickly Remove A Lot Of Image Backgrounds

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How it Works

Clipping Magic's Bulk Clipping feature enables you to upload large numbers of images, and to then clip the images in rapid succession.

Bulk Upload

When you start uploading images on the Bulk Clipping page, the Bulk Upload dialog automatically opens.

Here you can track the progress of your uploads, and queue additional files. There is no pre-set limit on the number of files you can upload.

As soon as an image has uploaded you can start clipping, and the app will automatically add any background uploads to your clipping queue as soon as they finish.

You may also select whether you wish to download results as you go through them, or all at once in a ZIP file or CSV spreadsheet with download URLs at the end.

While images are uploading your editing experience may be slightly degraded as the uploads will consume a potentially significant fraction of your upload bandwidth. If this happens, you may want to wait until the uploads complete prior to starting to edit.

Rapid Clipping

The next image pre-loads in the background so that it's ready for your edits as soon as you're done with the current image.

For normal workflows, this lets you edit continuously with only moments of forced delay between images. Skilled operators working on controlled images (e.g. studio shots of apparel that is distinct from the background) can start approaching sub-minute per image throughput with consistent, high quality results.

Rapid clipping example
Rapid clipping example
Rapid clipping example
Rapid clipping example
Rapid clipping example
Rapid clipping example

Rapid clipping example
Rapid clipping example
Rapid clipping example
Rapid clipping example
Rapid clipping example
Rapid clipping example
Clip Tips:

Be sure to set up your default settings before starting a bulk job to avoid repetitive settings configuration.

Crop to a Target Size and enable "Fit To Result" to get consistently sized and framed results.

Copy-Paste Marks

If you're clipping a sequence of images with almost identical subjects and camera setups, you can copy the marks from one image, and then paste them in on the subsequent ones to save you from re-drawing them.

Use the Edit button in the top menu to call up a submenu that enables you to Copy, Paste, or Clear the marks.

Clear All clears all marks and settings for the image, but does not affect your clipboard.

Bulk Download - ZIP

After you're done clipping your images you can download them in batches of up to 50 each. You can also use the Download ZIP button on the main Bulk Clipping page to download images in batch.

When downloading a batch at the end of a clipping session, the batch will start with the first image clipped in that session. You can only create one zip file at a time - starting multiple downloads at the same time will cause them to contain the same images. Some zip file readers can't handle non-US filenames. If this happens to you, try 7-zip.

Bulk Download - CSV

Alternatively, you can download a CSV spreadsheet with a list of result download URLs. This can be useful for advanced workflows where you have a downstream system that can take a list of URLs to process.

The spreadsheet looks like this:

InputFilenameUploadedAtUTCRevisionDownloadUrl (expires 2024-07-31T21:00:00Z)

Please note that the download URLs expire after 7 days

Manage Your Images

The Bulk Clipping page gives you additional image management tools. You can start a bulk clipping session from any image by clicking the (Re-)Clip button. You can download any image by clicking the (Re-)Download button (use the Download button at the top to download in bulk).

You can see the current clipping state for your image by the color of the buttons - images that have not been clipped have a button, while images that have already been clipped have a button.

Similarly, images that have not yet been downloaded have a button, while images that have already been downloaded have a button.

You can rename any image by clicking the icon next to it.


Your image size exceeds your active size limit. Please crop the image to the portion you wish to clip.

Lock Aspect Ratio
Size Limit

Original Image

Aspect Ratio:

Cropped Image

Aspect Ratio:

Cropped image exceeds size limit and will be scaled to fit.

Size limit met, full resolution preserved.