Remove Image Background API

Clipping Magic offers the most comprehensive API for removing image backgrounds available on the market. It is super-easy to integrate with, produces better results, and gives you more control than any other option.

The Hosted Smart Editor integration is perfect for serious e-commerce websites looking to optimize their photo editing workflow. Value-added design websites can set themselves apart by integrating with the White Label Smart Editor, enabling their users to easily create stunning designs with an enhanced user experience (UX).

The API integrations we offer:

Auto Clip

Have us do all the hard work. Simply upload an image to the Clipping Magic API and get a fully clipped result right away.

Great for when you want the simplest integration possible.

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Hosted Smart Editor

Streamline your photo editing and image background removal workflow with the easiest integration of Clipping Magic's unique Smart Editor!

You can programmatically apply effects like background color, crop and drop shadows without requiring operator time or input.

Your operators get a fully clipped result for immediate review in the powerful Smart Editor, and they can apply any touchups necessary right then and there.

This unified review-and-touch-up workflow has been optimized for operator throughput and it allows you to realize significant time and cost savings. Quick operation and no more fallback frustration - get a production ready result every time!

Great for serious e-commerce websites looking to take their operations to the next level.

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White Label Smart Editor

Fully integrate Clipping Magic’s background removal solution with your website. Let your end-users review and edit the result using an embedded white labeled version of Clipping Magic's Smart Editor.

This allows you to keep your brand front and center while still leveraging Clipping Magic's Smart Editor.

Great for value-add design solutions wanting a deep integration with a full-featured background removal solution.

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Easy.API + Smart_Editor === Awesome

The API is straightforward for your technical team to integrate with, and it exposes all the relevant options to make sure you get a polished, production-ready result, every time.

You can optionally integrate the uniquely capable Smart Editor, either white-label on your site, or have us host it for you - whichever works best for you.

Improvement Program

While other API providers give you an endpoint where you can upload images where you weren't satisfied with the result, Clipping Magic takes that concept much further.

Instead of uploading your image into a black hole, you can simply construct the Hosted Smart Editor URL for it and have your operator clip it. You thereby immediately get the result you were looking for and ensure that your correction is included in the next update to the auto-clip AI.