Sticky Settings

Clipping Magic allows you to configure the defaults for most settings, thereby enabling you to get more consistent results with a minimum of repeat work.

Most sections of the app can be configured directly by using a drop down menu accessible from a link.

You can access the full list of configurable defaults by clicking the button in the lower left corner of the app.

Input Options

You can change the default maximum image size, enable the pre-crop feature, and elect to always process new images in Normal Photo Mode.

Pre-crop lets you crop the image before uploading it, thereby maximizing the use of the available upload resolution.

The Processing Mode Options section allows you to control whether various fully automatic features are enabled. If you only clip photos, you can prevent the automatic selection of Graphics Mode or Scan Mode by de-checking those checkboxes at the bottom of this dialog.

Output Options

You can specify the color space and DPI to use for the output. While transparent results have to be encoded as PNGs since JPEG doesn't support transparency, you can opt to also encode opaque results as PNGs.

You can also specify the quality setting to use for the JPEG output.

Web Optimized Output

It's important for the user experience of a website that the images on it load quickly. The best way to achieve this is to ensure that they've been suitably optimized, and that they're hosted on a fast Content Delivery Network.

To make sure your images both look great and load fast, we offer the option of applying such optimizations directly to your results.

Optimizing a result does lead to a slight degradation in image quality, but it's usually not very noticeable.

Copy-Paste Marks

If you're clipping a sequence of images with almost identical subjects and camera setups, you can copy the marks from one image, and then paste them in on the subsequent ones to save you from re-drawing them.

Use the Edit button in the top menu to call up a submenu that enables you to Copy, Paste, or Clear the marks.

Clear All clears all marks and settings for the image, but does not affect your clipboard.

eCommerce Defaults

eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon and eBay require that items for sale be on a white background and cropped so that the item is front and center.

To make this easy, there's a convenient way to configure both the settings for your current image and your default settings for future images. While in the app, just click on the ⋮ menu in the top toolbar and select the eCommerce option to bring up a menu where you can set all the relevant defaults with a single button click.

Clicking "Set eCommerce Defaults" switches the background to white, turns on fit-to-result, sets the margin to 5% and sets the object size to "large".

Clicking sets the background to transparent, and turns off fit-to-result, but leaves the other settings unchanged.


Your image size exceeds your active size limit. Please crop the image to the portion you wish to clip.

Lock Aspect Ratio
Size Limit

Original Image

Aspect Ratio:

Cropped Image

Aspect Ratio:

Cropped image exceeds size limit and will be scaled to fit.

Size limit met, full resolution preserved.