Beta Features

In order to provide you with new, powerful features as soon as possible, we may release some features in Beta status.

These features may not always work, and may not work in all browsers, but we've deemed them useful enough where they do work that they're still worth including.

Paste Image Input

Most browsers support the ability to paste images into web apps via the Clipboard APIs, but there may still be some stragglers.

Drag Result Output

Most browsers support dragging an image from a webpage to your desktop (or any file explorer).

Unfortunately, dragging an image directly to another application seems to not be supported by any browser.

Copy Result Output

All browsers support copying of an image from a webpage, but the way transparency is handled varies wildly, both in how it's copied to the clipboard and how it's pasted out by other applications.

This means that it should work for opaque results, but for transparent results you may end up with a black background and possibly jagged edges.

Unfortunately this behavior is entirely out of our hands, and a consequence of decades of legacy code and inconsistencies between applications and operating systems.