Color Erase Mode

Quickly and easily remove constant color backgrounds from logos and other computer graphics while preserving fine details.

Clipping Magic's Normal Photo Mode works great on a wide variety of photographs of real-world subjects. However, logos and other computer-generated artwork, especially small font text, can benefit greatly from Color Erase Mode.

In Color Erase Mode, Clipping Magic identifies the various flat colors present in your image. Marks applied to these colors then affect the entire image, instead of just the region marked. This makes it a lot easier to remove flat backgrounds from graphics with lots of details where you'd normally have to mark a lot of little color pieces.

Clipping Magic automatically detects if your image is suitable for Color Erase Mode, switches to it, and immediately produces a result.

This result may be precisely what you're looking for, and you can proceed to download it. You can of course use the red/green marks and the scalpel to make corrections as needed.

While Clipping Magic usually gets it right, there may be images for which it switches to Color Erase Mode where you want to process them using the Normal Photo Mode. You can easily switch back using the Edit-menu:

The Normal Photo Mode and Color Erase Mode options are only available for images where Clipping Magic has automatically detected that the image may be suitable for Color Erase Mode.

Clip Tip:

If you only clip photos, you can make Normal Photo Mode the default for new images.


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