5 Platforms To Use Your Product Image Background Eraser With

There are several platforms to use your eCommerce product image background eraser with. Creating top-quality, background free product photos can be an incredibly complex, challenging process. Using an automatic background remover tool helps you bring image consistency, remove distractions, and eliminate shopper eyestrain. This way, you can help your customers focus, which will help you generate more sales in the long-term.

Of course, these tools provide a plethora of benefits no matter what platform you currently sell on. To help you get started, read on to learn about the top platforms to use your product image background eraser with.


First off, as one of the most popular selling marketplaces for eCommerce business owners, Amazon is one of the best platforms to use your product image background eraser with. In order to be accepted, main product images need to have a purely white background. Of course, this background must seamlessly blend with the Amazon search bar, as well as product details page. Therefore, only backgrounds with RGB color values of 255 (R), 255 (G), 255 (B) will be acceptable.

To easily accomplish this, it is recommended to use your automatic tool to make background white online. This way, you can easily publish product photos that will easily be accepted in accordance with Amazon’s image standards.


Another popular platform for resellers, eBay is an excellent marketplace to use your background eraser with. Similar to Amazon, eBay has fairly stringent regulations regarding accepted image backgrounds. For your product images to be accepted, they will need to be taken against a solid-colored background that has no border. In addition, this background must be light grey or white in color. Of course, this means that products with complex, black, or multi-color backgrounds will not be accepted.

If you plan on selling your eCommerce products on eBay, it is important to use a background removal tool to guarantee professional, regulation meeting quality.


At the same time, Alibaba sellers can leverage the top tools for eCommerce background editing. Alibaba’s marketplace has more flexible regulations regarding image backgrounds. To reduce shopper eyestrain, it is still recommended to take clear pictures in front of a mono-colored background. However, many sellers attempt to use a creative a background to create greater contrast. Of course, this can create strong visual impact and highlight your product’s dimensional characteristics.

If your photos were currently taken in front of a boring, bleak background, you can consider using an eCommerce tool to replace your background with something more exciting. Indeed, Alibaba sellers can use advanced tools to automatically make image background transparent online.


Of course, many product image background eraser tool users sell their products on Etsy. Originally, Etsy required all uploaded product images to have a white background. While this has since been changed, there are several reasons why you still may want to make your background white. For example, manipulating your background helps to bolster conversion rates, maximize your image quality, and handle photos in bulk quantities.

Of course, you can use these tools to edit all sorts of top-quality products, such as fashion, jewelry, or even cars. Absolutely, Etsy is an excellent platform to use your image background remover on.

Your Personal Website

If you sell your eCommerce goods on your personal website, there are still plenty of reasons to use a product image background eraser. For a start, using a background eraser tool will ensure harmony and consistency across all product photos in your shop. Whether you sell consumer packaged goods, electronics, or clothing, you can largely benefit from product image background editing.

This way, you can maximize your sales, obtain new customers, and more effectively market your products. Indubitably, you can use a product image background eraser to enhance your personal website’s online store.

There are plenty powerful platforms you can use your product image background eraser with. First off, there are specific image requirements that need to be met when selling on Amazon. Similarly, you will need to use an online magic background eraser tool if you sell on eBay. Of course, consider using a background eraser for your Etsy sales.

Moreover, you should use a background removal platform, even if you only sell on your personal website. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the top platforms to use your product image background eraser with.