5 Methods To Swap Background Image On Your Photos

There are plenty of proven methods to swap background images on your professional photos. Even if you do not have strong editing skills, or prior graphic design experience, there are multiple solutions to effectively manipulate your image backgrounds. As a professional photographer, swapping out your background can make your image appear authentic, relevant, and attractive.

Simultaneously, using these tools helps you manage compliance for commercial purposes, and ensure that your background theme accurately suits your subject. To help you get started, read on to learn about the different methods to swap background image on your professional photos.

Use An Automatic Background Remover

One of the easiest, most effective methods, you can always use an automatic background remover to professionally manipulate your professional photos. Using an automatic, AI-powered tool, it is easy to swap out your background images in just a few clicks. Simply upload your image, then your chosen tool will automatically scan, detect, and erase the background from your photos. Then, you can use this transparent image on any background, graphic, or solid color palette.

Of course, this helps you quickly eliminate unnecessary objects, optimize photo for alternate use, and enhance your image’s visual impact. Certainly, using an automatic remover is one of the easiest ways to swap out the background on your professional photos.

Remove & Replace Backgrounds Manually

In addition, you can remove and replace your image backgrounds manually. To do so, simply open up your favorite photo editing software on your Mac or PC. Then, choose your “magic wand,” “quick selection,” or “object selection” tool, then click on your image’s subject. If your foreground is not automatically detected, you will need to click piece by piece until you have outlined everything that you want to remain visible. Now, you can either choose to copy your background into a new layer, or erase it directly. Once you have reached this point, you are ready to replace your background with your new chosen visual.

While this trick will yield a similar result, it is much more frustrating and time-consuming. If you are dealing with large volumes of collections, it is like more beneficial to use one of the automatic removal tools mentioned above. Surely, consider removing and replacing image backgrounds manually in your favorite photo editing software.

Outsource To A Graphic Design Firm

Next, you can choose to outsource your graphic design work to a professional firm. Hiring a professional firm, you will have a team of expert designers on hand. Of course, this leads to high levels of speed, efficiency, and creativity. In exchange for this, you can expect to pay a hefty price for professional services. In fact, this is likely the most effective method to swap a background image. Of course, you may be able to find trustworthy design firms that offer unlimited services for a more affordable, monthly subscription fee. However, this will still likely be significantly more expensive then the auto online background eraser tools previously discussed.

Cut Out Images By Hand

While it is significantly more time consuming, you can always cut out your images the old-fashioned way, by hand. The process to edit photos this way is incredibly simple and straightforward. Start off by printing out your photo in the highest quality possible. Once printed, carefully cut out your image subject from the background. Then, print out another high-quality image of your desired background. Once you have these two tangible images, you can place them on top of one another in your preferred style. At this point, you are ready to capture your images with a camera.

While this method is fairly easy and straightforward, it will likely have a major impact on the quality of your results. Therefore, many professionals in design will still advise you to use an automatic removal tool to guarantee top-quality image results. Indubitably, manually cutting images out by hand is another feasible way to swap background images.

Hire A Freelance Designer

Moreover, you can always choose to hire a low-cost, flexible, freelance graphic designer to swap out your background images. To hire an experienced worker, determine the needed scope of work and calculate how much you will be willing to pay. Then, you can move on into finding, assessing, and hiring the most promising candidates. As you gain more experience in hiring design talent, you can begin to build up a trustworthy database of freelance help.

Despite this being more affordable than hiring a professional firm, it is still more expensive, and time consuming then doing the work yourself. Of course, the most effective solution is still likely using an automatic eraser tool. Absolutely, hiring a freelance designer is another key way to swap background images.

There are plenty important ways to swap background images on your photos. First off, consider using an automatic tool to make image background transparent online. In addition, you can choose to remove and replace backgrounds manually in your favorite photo editing software. Next, many photographers have outsourced work to a graphic design firm. Moreover, you can always hire an experienced freelance designer. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the different methods to swap background image on your professional photography.